The Warriors have arrived in Seattle

Seattle is just one of two cities in the whole US that has the honor of showing the Terracotta Warriors. The Exhibit runs from April 8th -September 4th at the Seattle Pacific Science Center. These warriors were discovered back in 1974 when some farmers were digging for a well. The archeological dig ended up being over 3 football fields long and offers a glimpse into the First Imperial Dynasty of China. These Terracotta warriors number in the thousands and each one is unique to itself. This exhibit will help you understand and learn about the advancements during the Qin Dynasty, such as the standardization of coins, weights and measurements. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about an important and diverse culture. And while you are at the Seattle Center don’t forget that the MoPop museum and the Dale Chihuly Glass and Garden house are just a few steps away.

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